Naming: What are companies’ strategies for creating their brand name?

Invited experts: Bénédicte Laurent, Marcel Botton, CEO of Nomen, Matthieu Crédou, Marketing Director at Afnic, Yann Colin, associate attorney at Franklin and Mariette Darrigrand, semiologist.
Program presented by Karine Vergniol, BFM Business

They talk about us

Future regions: choosing a toponym can not be improvised

A place name, a place name, functions as a complex system that connects a notion of geographical delimitation, but also administrative, institutional, cultural and crystallizes as a coat of arms on a standard. –  Bénédicte Laurent. “Les Echos”

Bénédicte Laurent: She finds you the best brand name

With Namae Concept, […] she has developed a software that assesses the relevance of a name: international availability, pronunciation test, research anagrams, etc.. CAPITAL

Namae Concept: the international naming system

“Make My Name is the first online tool for expertise and creation of company, brand and event names … [.] Optimizes [the] time and the final report, and streamlines their creative work.”

Marketing: how to find the right name for your company

The name is the first marketing tool of a company, it must respond to a story and identity points. “Le Parisien”

The 4 Essential Steps of Name Change

Strategies explains the name change process for a company in four steps. 
For this, he calls on experts like Nomen’s President, Marcel Botton, and the founder of Namae Concept, Bénédicte Laurent.


Engie, The Republicans: when the change of name divides

If the name can be a good way to transmit a new energy, a new start, this operation can also lead to rejections, if it is badly accompanied and as much within of the company (employees, shareholders, etc.) only to customers. “La Tribune”