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Optimize your methods of creating and validating your name.


The Linguistic Expert

Optimise Your Name Creation, Verification, and Validation process

Brainstorming software solutions : To assist you in your search for names (company, brand, product, group etc …), to help you find name ideas and quickly verify the domain and social media availability. To quickly know the meaning, the origin, the pronunciation of thousands of names, etc… With experience in both R & D and on field, Namae Concept is specialized in helping you with all your naming problems. Our software solutions, will save you time and ressources by performing advanced linguistic analyzes.


Our tools are based on unparraled linguistic know-how that will create unique and brandable names.


Optimize your time by creating and validating the names 5x faster than other services available.


Because we work with everyone, we propose tailored offers for each and every need.

Eco Responsible

Despite of our resolutely collaborative spirite, we don’t make people work for free and don’t make a spectale of naming ideas.

Namae Concept : le système de naming paré pour l'international
« Make My Name est le premier outil en ligne d'expertise et de création de noms d'entreprise, de marque, d'événement... [...] optimise [le] temps et le rendu final, et rationalise leur travail de créativité. »
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Make my name

world’s first online name generator, backed by advanced Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Create brandable, unique and meaningful names by entering a set of keywods of your choice, and instatly verify their domain name and social media availability. Plus, listem to their pronounciation in 50+ languages and check their legal demensions.

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