Author of the book “Brand Name, Product Name: Semantics of the Name” published by L’Harmatten

specializing in the problem of naming. Making her the first and the only PhD holder of Language Science dedicated to names.Specialist in semantics, speech analysis and communication, Bénédicte worked within the CNRS specialized in Research & Development in linguistics and computer science.

Our Expertise

You might be wondering why we created a company that deals with naming?

“Well, for starters, to define an optimal methodology for name creation and to make it into a simple, powerful and innovative tool which also helps to validate the them.”

Bénédicte Laurent, surrounds herself with linguists and computer scientists and develops interdisciplinary scientific partnership (notably with LIRMM and the Polytech’Montpellier School – CNRS UM2) which gives rise to numerous scientific & academic publications.

The Genesis of the Namae Concept: A unique and unprecedent linguistic expertise in naming

Author of the book “Brand Name, Product Name: Semantics of the Name” published by L’Harmatten, her unique expertise on all routes of naming strategy, has led her to be solicitated in books such as “L’art du Marketing du Women”, by M. L. Sauty de Chalon& B. Smadja (, Dunod, 2014 and in media interventions such as BFM Business, Les Echos, La tribune, etc.

Notable Stages and recognitions of Namae Concept

PhD in General and Phonetic Linguistics. First and the only thesis in Language Science, dedicated entirely to the production of meaning of brand and product names.

Technological transfer for the developement of the software for name creation and validation (availability, connection, etc.)

Accompanying Languedoc-Roussillon Incubation and Cap Omega, elected best incubator worldwide and labelled “Soft Landing”.

  • Creation of the SaaS
  • Obtained JEI (Jeune Entreprise d’Innovation: Young Innovation Company)
  • Labelled INTS Transfer LR
  • Publishes the book “Brand names, Product Names: Semantics of the Name” published by L’Harmatten
  • Laureate at the national competition for the creation of innovation technology companies, 2010 emergence, organized by the Ministry of the Higher Education and Research, in partnership with Oséo
  • Prospective Female Talents Objective LR- La Tribune
  • Laureate of “Best Entrepreneur of the year”, Master of Corporate Creation Paris
  • Laureate at the Marketing Innovation Challenge sponsored by ADETEM – Connec’Sud 2013
  • Laureate of International Women, Trophies Women of the Economy